Adolescent Health

Adolescent Health Program

Our Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioner operate a daily (Monday – Friday) primary clinic for the local high school students. This clinic makes primary health care more accessible to teens and to address the unique health care needs, both physical and mental for this specific population. Students accessing this program do not have to be rostered (enrolled) with the CHFHT to use this service.

Tri Area Medical Centre:
Walk In Teen Clinic – Tuesdays 1100 hr – 1200 hr on regular school days

Talk Solutions for Teens

This program was designed to help you get to know yourself, discover new ways to overcome any difficulties you might be facing at home, in school, or in your relationships and friendships.

Often it feels good just to have someone to vent to, someone who does not judge, and who will help you work through things.  This is what the Social Worker will do.

Does seeing a Social Worker mean you’re crazy?  No! In fact, many people in your class have probably seen a counsellor at some point – just like students often see tutors or coaches for extra help with schoolwork or sports. Getting help to deal with emotions and stressful situations is as important to your overall health as getting help with medical problems like asthma or diabetes.

To see the Social Worker you will need a referral. You can visit our Family Physicians or Nurse Practitioner at our Walk In Teen Clinic.