Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

CHFHT Chronic Disease Management Programming


Chronic diseases are health problems that develop over time.  Chronic diseases may stay the same (be controlled) or get worse but they usually don’t go away completely (no cure). Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, back problems, asthma and chronic depression are examples of chronic disease. They can make day to day life more difficult, although many people live well even with their chronic disease.

Chronic diseases are among the most common and costly health problems facing Canadians.  Often chronic diseases can be prevented. Major conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, asthma and osteoporosis have common risk factors.  You can reduce these risks by increasing exercise, stopping smoking, eating a low fat and low salt diet, drinking less alcohol and losing weight. Although these are individual actions, there are usually many things, including social and financial problems that make it harder to make these changes in your lives.

What is Self-Management?

“Self-Management” means the skills you use to manage day to day tasks of living with one or more chronic conditions. This means that you actively play a part in your health and wellness by being more confident, informed and skilled at dealing with the physical, social and emotional parts of life. Some examples of self-management skills include eating healthy, being more active, watching the symptoms of your disease carefully and taking medications the way your health care provider suggest. It also includes setting goals, learning how to talk with your health care team and coming up with a plan to meet your goals.

What is Self-Management Support?

“Self-management support” from your health care team helps motivate and support you to become successful self – managers. Your health care provider will encourage healthy behaviors and help you set goals to manage your health problem.  They can help by providing regular check-ins and work with you through problems that come up as you become self-managers of your chronic disease. Providing self-management support is part of the programming at CHFHT.

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