Foot Care

The focus of our Foot Care Program is our diabetic patients who are at higher risk for foot complications due to diabetes, such as loss of feeling and increased risk of ulcers.

To see the Foot Care Nurse you will need a referral from your Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner. Appointments are available at both the Tri Area Medical Centre and the Marmora Medical

What is a diabetic foot care nurse?

 A diabetic foot care nurse is a registered nurse or a registered practical nurse who has taken in addition to their formal training as a nurse, specialized training in foot care.

Foot care nurses can help reduce heavy calluses, corns and trim deformed or thickened nails. Nurses also assess feet for circulation, sensation, edema (swelling), and assess for the potential risk of ulcer development and falls.  A large part of a nurse’s job involves patient education.

Our foot care nurse also consults with your primary care provider regarding the need for other  health care professionals especially podiatrists, for additional treatments such as orthotics, shoe modification, further clinical evaluation (x-rays, MRI, surgery etc.) and/or for high risk patients such as those with arthritis, autoimmune disease patients, and of course, diabetes.

Diabetes Program

A foot health check up by your Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner is a preventative way to help avoid diabetic foot complications, along with proper diet, exercise, and not smoking.

As part of our Diabetes Program, all our patients have a comprehensive foot checkup by their Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner. Those with identified foot problems may be referred to the Foot Care Nurse.

People with diabetes should inspect their feet daily for signs of cracking, sores, skin discolouration or blisters.  If you see any of these signs, talk to your Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner immediately to receive a referral.  People with diabetes must also pay attention to good footwear, since worn out, poorly fitting shoes can cause serious problems.