Uninsured Services

Did you know that OHIP does not pay for all the services that may be provided by a physician or practitioner?

There are fees for the services listed below. Please note that set fees are considerably less than the amounts that we have been recommended to charge.  Please speak to your provider’s receptionist for the amount for item requirements.

  • General Notes
    Sick notes, Work notes, etc.
  • Completion of Forms base amount for up to 4 pages
    Additional charge per page thereafter
  • Driver’s Physicals
    Note: this includes base charge for completion of the form itself
  • Cosmetic Procedures
    Simple Skin Tags: Single lesion
    Multiple lesions
  • Excision/Curette:
    Single lesion
    Multiple lesions
  • Photocopies/Printing charge per page
  • Transfer of Records
    base price for up to 5 pages
    additional charge per page thereafter
    Note: these rates are significantly subsidized

The above list is subject to change.

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