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Complaint Process

The Central Hastings Family Health Team strives to provide the highest quality of healthcare programs in a safe and supportive environment. If you have a concern about quality of care including program information, we encourage you or your family to first discuss you concern with the appropriate members of your healthcare team. The Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses & Registered Practical Nurse, Dietician, Social Workers, and other healthcare professionals who have been involved in your care are most familiar with your particular situation. Usually they will be able to quickly resolve any issues you may have. If a member of your healthcare team is unable to satisfy your concerns, or if you are not satisfied with their response, please file a complaint with the Central Hastings Family Health Team Lead Physician. All such complaints will be thoroughly investigated without compromising a patient’s future access to care.

Why File a Complaint?

It is important that program leads are made aware of concerns that, once resolved, may result in changes to systems that improve services to all patients.

The Complaint Process

Initially you should try to speak with appropriate members of your healthcare team about your concern as soon as reasonably possible. If you are unable to resolve the problem in this manner, please complete the complaint form and mail or hand deliver the complaint form marked confidential to:

Dr. Payman Charkhzarin, Lead Physician
Central Hastings Family Health Team
Administration Office
52 St. Lawrence St. E,
Madoc, Ontario K0K 2K0

Once received, the complaint will be reviewed by the Physician Lead and Administrator if appropriate
All Complaints will be thoroughly investigated and a written response sent to the complainant within 30 days of receipt of the complaint, followed up by a phone call.

In Order to address concerns, the Lead Physician may review the complaint with the appropriated healthcare team member and ask him/her to provide input to a written response. The Lead physician may also arrange to meet with complainant regarding the concern.

Safeguarding Your Privacy

Because all medical information is confidential, consent will be obtained from complainants if patient medical information is required to address concern.

Complaints and complaint responses will not become a part of a patient’s’ electronic medical record. The Central Hastings Family Health Team Administrator will provide a summary report of complaints to the Board. This summary report will not contain patient’s personal information

What are the possible outcomes of a complaint?

When all information is reviewed, the Central Hastings Family Health Team may decide to do one of the following:

  • Take no further action if the care provided was appropriate
  • Remind, counsel, or provide training for a healthcare team member if the Lead Physician believes the team member would benefit from some advice, direction, or training
  • Refer concerns to the Administrator for further review
  • Decide not to investigate because the complaint was made in bad faith or is an abuse of process

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this complaint process, please contact:

Mary Stuart, Administrator
Central Hastings Family Health Team
Administration Office
52 St. Lawrence St. E.,
Madoc, Ontario K0K 2K0
613-473-1167 ext. 216


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